For Sasha, Sanu and Aara...

My love for photography comes second to only to my love for my wife and daughters.

Always a dreamer, but I was too afraid to follow my heart. It wasn't until my first daughter was born, Sanu, that I realised I had to make the choice. We cannot be an example if we don't pursue that which we seek to be. For me, my greatest gift to my family is the belief that we can dare to dream.

I have always been intrigued by the human connection.. by love.. It's a feeling, and yet the essence of a wedding is to express the intangible. My photography is the pursuit of this expression...

My name is Jagdish. I am a reportage styled photographer. I strive to create pure and authentic imagery for you to remember getting married feels like. To relive memories of love, joy, intimacy, family : the human connection you share with everyone you chose to share that special day with.

If your wedding is at the destination you've always dreamed of, or if it's at an intimate setting that you'll forever treasure in your heart, I'll truly be honored to walk with you and yours for a little while... Let's start our connection..




“Coming Soon”